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3 pc. Porcelain Bowl Set - Xmas


Manufacturer: Bright Delights

Price: $6.50

This is a great set of three! The bowl set is light green, white and redish burgundy on the outside and white on the inside. They are a set of small, ... more info
3 Pc. White Candles & Candlesticks by Brooke Tucker


Manufacturer: Brooke Tucker

Price: $30.00

This is a handmade Brooke Tucker set of candlesticks.  The candlesticks are aged brass looking, and the candles are a vanilla color.  ... more info
3 Perfume Bottle Set In Box


Manufacturer: Hope Elliott

Price: $12.00

Handmade by Bella Minis, I only have 2 sets left.  This is a 3 Perfume Bottle Set in a box.  The box is cardstock, the bottles are metal with an ... more info
3 Piece Ham Dinner Set - Ham with Kaiser Rolls, Plate w/ Mustard

This is a 3 Piece Ham Dinner Set - Ham with Kaiser Rolls, Plate with Mustard & Mayonnaise Approximately Measures: 1 5/8" x 1 1/4" x ... more info
3 Piece Pink Lace Edged Plates

3 Piece Pink Lace Edged Plates Size: 3/4" Diameter
3 Piece Table & Chairs (EMWF500)

White Child's Table & Two Chairs (EMWF500)
3 Piece Wicker Set - Table and Two Chairs

This is a white wire wicker set of 3 pieces.  There is a table and two chairs.  The cushions are white, and would look much ... more info
3 Rabbits & Carrots


Price: $20.00

3 Storage Containers


Price: $20.50

3 Tier Cake Stand With Cakes


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