Rain, Wine & Roses Roombox by Bruce Plumb

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Article printed in “Miniature Gazette” (Volume 36, No. 3 – January / February 2008)

Rain, Wine and Roses Room Box

By Claudia Dalton, Publicity Chair, N3 Regional Houseparty in Portland, Oregon, May 2-4 2008


In August I had the pleasure of visiting with three of our most skilled and talented artisans: Mike Clarizio, Bruce Plumb, & George Wrisley.  They have created a beautiful room box with the theme of our Region N3Houseparty in May of 2008, “Rain, Wine & Roses”.

The picture you see only gives you an idea of the creativity and hours of work that have gone into its making.  Here a few of the details.  The box itself is 15 ½” wide x 12 ½” deep, and 12 ½” high and the outside is paneled with Brazilian Mahogany.

Bruce Plumb created the Roombox that is a perfect setting to show the brilliance of the chandelier created by Mike Clarizio and the exquisite walnut furniture designed and built by George Wrisley.

Bruce created the two beautiful leaded stained-glass windows.  They depict the theme of our N3 Houseparty with two crossed wine glasses on a gold background surrounded with beautiful red roses on a blue background.

He also created an inlaid wood floor with 7 points and valleys.  The woods that were used have created a pattern crafted to mix the coloring of the following woods, Brazilian and Honduras mahoganies, Holly, Avidor, Light Cherry, Light Gum, Dark Cherry, Pecan, Walnut, Paduak and Satinwood.

Bruce used Mahogany raised paneling and trim for the walls which frames the stained-glass windows and sets off the beauty of the inlaid floor.

In the back of the box are two windows that show Mount Hood in the rain (For those of you not acquainted with our area, Mount Hood is the backdrop for Portland, Oregon).  Bruce says the picture and rain are removable if you wish to change the picture; although I asked; “Why would anyone want to change this picture?”

Mike created a chandelier with six lights for the Roombox.  The findings are gold plated and he used clear Austrian Crystal Beads by Swarovski.  I was truly captured by the sparkle and clarity of the light as it passed through the crystals reflecting the various colors of the room box.  Mike says that this chandelier is called the “Rondo”.  (All of his chandeliers are named with musical terms).

George is responsible for the furniture that completes the setting.  All the pieces are in walnut.  Two upholstered occasional chairs, a framed picture, wine rack with wine bottles, and a coffee table with a glass center etched with “Rain, Wine, And Roses”.

If you have never bought raffle tickets before, this is the time to send them in, but not until I send mine first.

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