Kathy -White Victorian Mansion - New Homeowner!

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Purchased originally at an auction house, this was in need of some tlc.  I purchased this Victorian Mansion and had our builder and friends, Ed and Kathy Cox restore this beautiful dollhouse.  The dollhouse is a front opening, and back as well.  There are 12 rooms, all beautifully decorated with wallpaper, baseboard trim and some floors are inlay.  We are not sure, but this dollhouse may have belonged to Carolyn Sunstein, the original dollhouse Miniaturia show promoter and fine collector.

The reason for believing that this dollhouse may have been hers, was because the auction house had her obituary inside the dollhouse, and that led us to believe it as so.  I have the papers to go with the dollhouse.

There are 24 windows, three enterances, working original shutters, and a real brick chimney.  A one of a kind.  Very large and heavy, built incredibly well.

The one lucky person to own this house will love the large rooms, and porches.  Enjoy! 

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