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Gloria Bogulas GORGEOUS Native American Lg Patterned Bowl

This is a handmade and beautifully painted Native American replica bowl.  It's a large bowl with brown and black painting.  An ... more info
1/4" Tiny Adobe Porch Display w/Cactus ~ Native American

This is a handmade Adobe front porch.  It's one inch scale for a shelf, as a small decoration, or a quarter inch sized one if you want to ... more info
Eagle Dancer Kachina ~ Saléjo ~ Native American Indian

This is a handmade and beautifully made Kachina.  The artist is Sale'jo.  The very colorful and wonderful piece is from an upscale, ... more info
Gloria Bogulas ~ Native American Decorative Pottery Pot, '99

This is a handmade pottery plate by Gloria Bogulas.  The beautifully decorated plate has a wonderful design.  This was purchased in 1999 ... more info
Handmade Native American Dream Catcher From 1998, NIP

This is a handmade Dream Catcher.  New in the box since its original purchase in 1998.  The dream catcher is wrapped with fine turquoise ... more info
Board - Strawberry Jam Tarts in The Making Board


Manufacturer: Karen Aird

Price: $24.95

This is a strawberry tart Board. I made the board with the tarts. The tart pan has cooked tarts wtih strawberry jam on top, and three loose ones on ... more info
Platter of Gorgeous Lobster Tails w/ Lemon & Garnish

This is a great platter of Lobster tails.  They look terrific.  There are three on the plate as well as lemons that are curled and wedges. ... more info
Plate of Deviled Eggs ~ Nice Side Plate / Party Appetizer

This is a great plate of Deviled Eggs.  There are ten eggs with garnish on top.  They are attached to a white porcelain plate. ... more info
Vince Stapleton


Manufacturer: Vince Stapleton

Price: $99.00

This is a lovely handmade large Vince Stapleton cut out vase.  The vase is beautifully hand made with blues and roses.  A wonderful piece ... more info
Cheryl Warder - Little Girl's Pink Gingham Dress


Manufacturer: Cheryl Warder

Price: $26.00

Adorable.  This is a little girls pink gingham dress with a pretty pink bow in the center.  There's a black hanger holding the outfit ... more info

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